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Private Dance Lessons


Ballroom - Latin - Swing - Country - Wedding Dancing



  Whatever type of dancing you prefer to learn, you have found the right place! Mark Harris teaches Ballroom, Latin, Swing & Country Dancing, specializing in West Coast Swing. Mark teaches Private Lessons and Group Classes at Walters Dance Center in Kansas City. It is conveniently located near I-70 & I-635.  
Mark offers private lessons every day of the week, at a time that is mutually convenient. You can take the lessons by yourself or as a couple if you have a partner. One of the advantages of Private Lessons is that you can decide what dances, or type of dancing, that you would like to learn, whether it is Ballroom, Latin, Swing, or Country dancing.    
    If you are getting ready for your "First Dance", private lessons are a great option. You can learn a few moves that fit your song, or have the whole song choreographed. You can also include family members, to get ready for Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances. You can even set up a Private Group Lesson for your Wedding Party to take lessons together. (The sooner that the Groom starts taking lessons, the more relaxed he will be dancing in front of people!)  
It is true that everyone will learn to dance better, and faster, with Private Lessons. It is true that women learn to dance faster then men, as a general rule, and especially if they are dancing with a teacher. It is true that men learn to lead much better when they take Private Lessons. It is also true that all good dancers, are taking, or have taken Private Lessons.    
    Practice is what makes dancing easier. So, it is a good idea to go to dances and practice what you are learning. One advantage that Mark's students have, is that he attends the open dances on Tuesday & Saturday nights at Walters Dance Center. That gives them a chance to dance with him on a crowded dance floor (real battle conditions!)  
Once Mark's students have gained some confidence in their dancing, they have the option of  dancing with him in studio shows. Many of his students enjoy traveling with Mark to Swing, Ballroom, and Country  dance competitions, either to watch and have fun, or to compete in Pro/Am divisions with him. Many of Mark's students, and former students, have done very well in competition.    
  Mark does not use "contracts" or "programs" preferring to allow his students to pay as they go. He feels that they will return because they are learning and having fun. The price for private lessons is $70/hour. Call Mark at (816) 665-6275, or email  to schedule your lessons and get started dancing.  

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